Zillmere Juniors


Zillmere has a rich and successful history as a family friendly club focused on the playing and promotion of AFL.


Where do i get FairPlay vouchers?

3he latest round of FairPlay vouchers opened on Wednesday 25 January 2023 and closes on Wednesday 29 March 2023 or earlier if fully allocated.


 Parents, carers or guardians can apply for a voucher valued up to $150 for eligible children and young people. These vouchers can be used toward the cost of membership, registration and/or participation fees for eligible activities with registered physical activity providers.

What age groups are there?

Once children have graduated from Auskick, there are three age groups used to define football to the respective ages.

Superstars Footy 

Superstars footy is for children born between 1/7/16 – 30/6/18


Footy4Fun is designed for Junior competitions from the Under 8’s to the Under 11’s. Games are modified to provide greater participation to everyone, with minimal contact.

Footy4Fun encompasses the U8.5, U9.5, U10.5, U11.5 and U11.5 Girls competitions.

Community Cup

Community Cup transitions children from modified rules to full field, full AFL gameplay. 

 Community Cup encompasses the U13.5, U13.5 Girls, U15.5, U15.5 Girls, U17.5 and U17.5 Girls competitions.

I have young children, can they play?

Yes! Games are tailored to allow participation of all ages and abilities. The Zillmere Eagles provide a perfect environment for kids to have fun learning through play, make new friends and create memories that last a lifetime.


In weekly sessions, kids will explore the world of AFL, building football skills and
Playing in a safe and super fun setting. Expect small groups, heaps of games and parent/guardian involvement.


Superstars Footy is the next step for boys and girls in their AFL journey.
Once completing Auskick, participants are eligible to graduate to the Superstars Footy program.

Under 8.5

Modified rules, with no tackle, smaller field size, 9-a-side teams, fun and safe!

Under 9.5 & 10.5

Introduction to tackling by using the ‘wrap tackle’. A modified version of tackling where players are ‘bear hugged’ and do not go to ground.

Under 11

Learn correct tackling techniques and begin to play full AFL rules.

I want to play real AFL

AFL Community Cup caters to teenagers aged from 12.5 to 17.5.

An ideal progression from either NAB AFL Auskick or Footy4Fun, Community Cup footy provides players with the opportunity to play in a graded competition within a club environment.

Fun, fast and skilful, youth football is chance for players to play football with their mates and establish new friendships, with a distinct focus on team building.

 Under 12’s to Under 14’s

Key Principles

  • Fun and safe
  • Play with mates
  • Focus on developing skills and tactics
  • Modified rules, playing area and equipment

Under 15 Girls and Under 16’s

By ages 15.5-17.5 the full Laws of Australian Football are applied with participants playing the same brand of football they see played at the elite level.

Key Principles

  • Fun and fast
  • Play with mates
  • Continue developing skills and tactics
Uniform Details and Prices

Club kit and merchandise is available for purchase from the uniform shop.

​The club provides the team top (returnable at the end of each game).

The uniform shop is located at the main oval, next to the change rooms and will be open during training sessions.

A pair of blue shorts and socks

  • Blue shorts – $30 each
  • Socks – $15 each

For Community Cup players (U13.5 and above), two pairs of shorts are required

  • Blue shorts for home games, White shorts for away games
  • Reversable shorts are available to cover both situations ($45 each)

A team training shirt will be provided to all registered players.

    When is training?

    Training for U13.5’s is @ 5:00pm – 6:00pm on Monday and Wednesday nights, commencing the 29th of January, 2024.
    Training for Junior teams is @ 5pm on Wednesdays, commencing the 6th of March, 2024.