ith the announcement over the weekend of Stage Two of the Covid-19 recovery, AFL-SEQ has announced the re-start of the footy season.

Protocols, procedures and rules at the AFLQ Return to Play page:

Important Points:


🦅 The Junior footy season U8.5, U9.5 and U10.5: will begin the weekend of 10 July and run through till 26 September which will be 12 matches (a complete season).

🦅 The Youth teams (U12.5, U14.5 and U16.5) start their season a week later on 17 July with the season being completed on 18 October (either 14 matches with no finals, or 12 Matches with 2 weeks of finals).


🦅 Training Starts next week (Saturday June 13th ) for our Junior teams. Youth teams are TBC. NO CONTACT at this stage – the only equipment is sneakers/boots and footballs. Training is on the back oval for June.

🦅 Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, protocols etc, we can only have 20 people (total) training at the grounds at the same time. This is being verified to see if we can have multiple groups of 20, but for now it’s 20 at any one time.


🦅 We need to confirm our registered players within the next week, so all current registered players have been contacted by their coaches. If you are still to register, please do so as soon a possible. JUNIOR and YOUTH (new and returning players) register here: :

🦅 If your position has changed please let me know and if you receive an email that your registration is pending, I’ll email to remind you about sending through the proof of age documentation.

🦅 It’s been a while so if you can’t recall if you have registered for the season, please email to check.

It’s sure to be a fast and fun season, so with everyone’s help and understanding of the Covid-safe requirements, everyone will have a great time!

Stay tuned for team emails over the next day or two, but if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to call or email

Go Eagles!